Enrolment Information
2020 Preps

Each year we begin the enrolment and transition program during Term 2.  During June we have our Enrolment Packages available for both new and existing families to complete, and from there we begin the process of learning about your child and family.

We welcome interested families to make contact with us to find out more about our school and we are happy to meet with families at a time convenient for you, to meet with our principal and to also tour our great school.

During Terms 3 and 4 we offer a range of small group and whole class activities that will assist your child transition successfully from preschool to primary school.  We welcome your suggestions about how we can enhance this transition program.  The program for the Prep Class of 2020 is listed below.  The sessions are not compulsory and are open to both enrolled students as well as families who are yet to decide on their child’s school.

Should you have further questions you are welcome to contact the school on 5122 2231 or principal@churchill.catholic.edu.au 

Transition Activities – Prep 2020



Date Time  Activity Location
Tuesdays 8.35-9.00am STORYTIME-Babies to Preschoolers Library
Wednesdays 9.30-11.00am PLAYGROUP-Babies to Preschoolers EcoCentre



Date Time  Activity Location
Mon 5th Aug 2.40-3.00pm READING WITH MR.COOPER Library
Tues 13th Aug 2.40-3.00pm READING WITH MR.COOPER Library
Thur 29th Aug 2pm-3pm  BOOK WEEK PERFORMANCE Eco-Centre
Tues 10th Sept 2.40-3.00pm READING WITH MRS.YEATES Library
Fri 13th Sept 8.40-9.00am READING WITH YEAR 5&6 BUDDIES Library
Thur 19th Sept 8.40-9.00am READING WITH MRS.PETERSEN Library



Date Time  Activity Location
Tue 15th Oct 8.35am-9.35am LITERACY Prep Classroom
Mon 21st Oct 11.10am-12.10pm NUMERACY Prep Classroom
Tue 29th Oct 11.10am-12.00pm ITALIAN Prep Classroom
Wed 13th Nov 11.10am-12.00pm ART Art Room
Fri 22nd Nov 8.45am-9.45am STEM: ROBOTICS Eco-Centre
Mon 2nd Dec 8.35am-10.30am LITERACY Classroom
Tue 10th Dec 8.35am-12.30pm ORIENTATION DAY Prep Classroom