Learning & Teaching

At Lumen Christi we have developed a WHOLE SCHOOL PLAN FOR LEARNING ENTITLEMENT.  As a school we recognise that we have a responsibility to create the conditions in which a high quality curriculum is enacted, expert teaching is developed and all students achieve targeted progress over time.  Our WSPLE is a school based plan for delivering the Victorian Curriculum, and reflects local resources, expertise and contexts, and allows for specialisation and innovation.

Our WSPLE requires the input of all staff and is not the responsibility of the individual teacher as this leaves entitlement to chance.  We recognise that we are educating the whole child across many years of schooling so our WSPLE is designed as a continuum of learning.  Entitlement is dependant on thorough planning and it is essential that staff have a deep familiarity with the curriculum.

The construct of our WHOLE SCHOOL PLAN OF LEARNING ENTITLEMENT follows a deliberate path taking into account federal & state accountabilities, diocesan goals and our own local context.