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Healthy Together Day
Healthy Together Day September 21, 2017

This year we have been fortunate to have the support of Claire Watts from Latrobe Community Health Services. Claire’s role is to assist schools who are part of the Achievement Program.  She has been working with our classes each fortnight and is educating classes in the areas of healthy eating, oral health and healthy lifestyles and choices.  Lumen Christi is working to reach these benchmarks and with Claire’s help we should receive recognition shortly.  Unfortunately Claire will be leaving us as a regular visitor and educator at the end of this term.

Claire will be leading a whole school multi-age rotation next Thursday 20 September between play and lunch time.  Claire has a variety of activities planned which include the “Juice Bike”.  

Students are invited to dress up as a vegetable or fruit or come dressed in colours related to their favourite fruit or vegetable.

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