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School Athletics Day
School Athletics Day March 09, 2018

Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School




When is it?

Our Athletics Day is on Friday 9th March.  The events start at 9am and we hope to finish at around 1pm.


What happens on the day?

The morning session involves the students rotation as a class group through a series of running and field events.  Afterwards we join together as a school for some events between the houses.  At the conclusion of these events the winner will be announced and we then share a BBQ lunch together which is coordinated by the Parents & Friends.  A timetable of events will be provided to families.


What do the students wear?

The students wear their normal sports uniform but are allowed to wear a coloured t-shirt/polo in their house team colour.  Students will wear their normal school hat.  Please no hair-spray.


Who can attend?

Family and friends are encouraged to attend.  We need helpers before and on the day to assist us.  We ask that no dogs (or any other random pets!) are brought to the Athletics Day.


Can I take photographs?

As with all school events we ask that parents only take photos of their own children on the day.


How can I help?

We require some help linemarking prior to the day, and as well as setup in the morning of the Athletics Day.  During the running of the day teachers will need assistance with marshalling, measuring, timing, raking sand etc.  As you follow your child around to each rotation please offer to assist the staff members.  We also need some assistance at the end of the day to pack-up equipment.  Parents that have a defined role on the day will need to have a valid Working with Children card.


Can I take my child home after the Athletics?

Families are welcome to take their children home at the end of the Athletics.  School procedure requires that the parents verbally tell each child’s teacher that you are taking them home.  Parents can take other students only if the school has written permission from the parents – this includes relatives.


What happens next?

The week following our Athletics Day we repeat it all again at the Yinnar and District event held at the Yinnar Football Ground.  The format is similar with students rotating through events on the day.  Again we will require parent help.  From these events our School Athletics team is selected from students Year 3 to 6 to represent our school at an Interschool Athletics Carnival to be held later in the year.


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