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Walk to School Day
Walk to School Day February 15, 2018

Lumen Christi Catholic Primary School




Our school is part of the Healthy Together Program and we participate in various initiatives during the year. Walk-to-School is a one of those activities that encourages a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.


What happens on Walk-To-School Day?

Families are encouraged to walk to school on these days.  We offer two starting points for students to leave from – the Churchill Tennis Club and the Churchill Police Station.  A staff member will lead the group to school.


What time do I need to be there?

Each group will leave their starting point at 8am.


Do you have to start at these two locations?

No, you decide what works best for your family.  Some families choose to escort or drive their children to these starting points as the children enjoy the social aspect of walking with friends.


Can you join the walk along the way?

Some families live along the path the group will walk so join in along the way.


What happens when they arrive at school?

The students are served some food when they arrive.  In the past this has been either some warm toast or fresh fruit sticks – depends on the weather!


Can parents also walk?

Certainly – The idea of these days is to create healthy active habits.  We hope these events inspire families to consider walking to school as an alternate mode of transport.  We could also consider starting a walking group for parents who could meet at school at morning drop off and then head off on a walk together.

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