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Werribee Zoo:Whole School Excursion
Werribee Zoo:Whole School Excursion August 19, 2019
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Permission Note:Werribee Zoo Excursion Note.docx
Social Story:excursion-to-werribee-open-range-zoo-social-script
WERRIBEE ZOO SOCIAL STORY: Social Stories are a teaching tool that are used to help people learn about a new situation, environment or an expected behaviour. They can be used to reinforce a repeated scenario (like a prep child adjusting to primary school or hygiene habits when toileting) as well as for giving a pre-warning about an upcoming event (travelling on a plane or going to the zoo!!). This helps to reduce anxiety, reduce the risk of inappropriate/unsafe behaviour and increases the likelihood of the successful experience for everyone.
These stories typically are created with photos and simple text, sometimes presented as a book while other times a sequential chart.
We have located a ‘Social Story’ created the Werribee Zoo team that you might like to look at with your child, especially younger children or those who may be experiencing some anxiety about the trip.
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