Our School
Welcome Letter from Fr.Siju

Dear parents of the children of Lumen Christi School,

Greetings and welcome to you from Fr. Siju Xavier, Parish Priest.

First and foremost I wish to express my thanks and congratulations for choosing our School as your children’s educational institution. It is not the look, it is not the architecture of the school that motivated you to choose our School, but rather it is the Catholic principles and values we inculcate into your children’s lives. Our School is the fruit of the hard work and good will of our past parish priests and nuns as well as the past and present parishioners. Lumen Christi School is very important to our parish family and we value it with high significance as your place your trust in us. The Parish and School rigorously attempt to create a positive and safe environment for your children.

As the children feel safe with their mother, our parish is also a mother, loving and caring for your children, and our Lumen Christi School is one of the two lungs of the same body and the other is our Parish. Without one, the other hardly has any life. You are an integral part of our Parish family. Again, I thank you personally for your decision to educate your child/ren in our school.

Pope Francis reminds us that, “The Church is our mother. She is our ‘Holy Mother Church’ that is generated through our baptism, makes us grow up in her community and has that motherly attitude, of meekness and goodness: Our Mother Mary and our Mother Church know how to caress their children and show tenderness. To think of the Church without that motherly feeling is to think of a rigid association, an association without human warmth, an orphan.”

The Church is our mother and welcomes all of us as a mother and her “motherhood is expressed through an attitude of welcome, understanding, goodness, forgiveness and tenderness.” Lumen Christi aims to teach your kids the best values as we can as to enable them to become the best citizens of God’s kingdom and of our society.

Pope Francis in his homily said: “where there is motherhood and life, there’s life, there’s joy, there’s peace and we grow in peace. When this motherhood is lacking all that remains is rigidity, discipline and people do not know how to smile. One of the most beautiful and human things is to smile at a child and make him or her smile.”

A special welcome to our newly born prep children to our school family! It is an exciting time for you and we are indeed thrilled to have you and to welcome you to our caring, loving and learning together school family. Welcome also to those children who joined us or planning to join us in 2018! I wish and pray that you all make use of our school facilities for your own bright future and moreover, we have a great bunch of staff to care for your spiritual, academic, physical and psychological wellbeing.

Dear parents, as I thank you and welcome you and your children to our school family, I welcome you too to our parish family. As mentioned above, ours is a welcoming family attempting to radiate the light of Christ to everyone. No merit required, Christ loves everyone no matter what your past was; he welcomes everyone as you are. I am reminded of the beautiful verse of the hymn: “come as you are that how I want you…” to experience what the Lord has to offer you.

God bless you all abundantly,

Fr. Siju Xavier, PP